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Post-2015 development agenda : hopes and challenges

Welcome to my blog in which I want to share information and my opinions in a peaceful and respectful way. Hopefully you will make a contribution and enlighten me.

In September 2000, 189 member-states of the United Nations signed the Millennium Declaration, a global commitment to peace, education, human rights, good governance, and development - with a focus on the needs of the most vulnerable and children. This declaration led to the development of the Millennium Development Goals - or MDGs - eight time-bound goals and targets aiming at ending extreme poverty and hunger by 2015.

Great slogans and goals can make a difference in people's lives. International conferences, reports and newspaper articles show that the MDGs have had an impact as they have brought attention to development work throughout the world. But there are still gaps in terms of poverty, hunger, health, gender equality among other issues.

I personally believe that all sectors of society have to be involved. In that respect, grassroots movements, nonprofit organizations display considerable efforts to eradicate poverty but a change can only happen if public authorities and governments also undertake actions. Legilsations and incentives are useful to encourage citizens to accept concrete changes such as universal education or gender equality which to me, are fundamental for modern society and economic prosperity.

To conclude I would like to quote Katja Iversen, Women Deliver CEO, "We know the solution, we know what to do, we just need to do it." So all stakeholders, public, private, civil society need to participate in this collective effort.


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