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Liaison interpreting services

English, French, and Spanish

Liaison interpreting allows you to confidently navigate trade fairs, business meetings, interviews, and negotiations with a professional interpreter by your side at all times. From my base in Paris, I work with individuals, corporate executives, and NGO personnel who want to avoid the stress and hassle of doing business in languages that they don’t speak fluently. I work from and into three languages: English, French, and Spanish.

If you’re traveling to Paris for business (I also work with clients in other European capitals such as Brussels and Geneva), it’s risky to depend on your in-country contacts to a) speak your language, or b) provide a qualified interpreter. By hiring me to attend your meetings, receptions, business lunches and dinners, trade fairs, and conferences, you’re assured of having a qualified professional interpreter with great people skills, working for you. From interpreting crucial business deals to helping you order exactly what you want to eat, I’m there when you need me.

Past clients have commented that my calm, easygoing manner puts everyone in a business situation at ease—I also interpret for cultural visits, shopping, and sightseeing when your business day is over. I guarantee complete confidentiality, and my goal is for you to feel completely at home in the European business environment. I’m a native French speaker and grew up in France, but worked and studied in the US; I’m often mistaken for a native English speaker when I’m in New York City, which I consider my second home.

If you’d like to put my liaison interpreting skills to work for you, let’s talk. Contact me, and I’d be happy to discuss your needs and how I can help.

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